22nd August 2010

Herne Bay Open.
Doubles Competition at the Share and Coulter with guaranteed £100 first prize.
Entry reduced to £10.00 per team.
BBQ is £5.00 per head
Plate Competition sponsored by T M Glazing Services
Wine Raffle
Pre-booking essential by email to robin_georgephilpott@hotmail.com

Friday, 6 August 2010

Herne Bay Open Doubles Competition - 22nd August 2010

The Herne Bay open Doubles Competition is on 22nd August as the traditional Hoverspeed triples at Manston is not being held this year.

Entry is now reduced to £10.00 per team and there will be an Barbeque on offer at £5.00 per head, and a wine raffle.

Wining team prize is a guaranteed £100.00 and there'll be a Plate Competition sponsored by T M Glazing Services.

It looks like being another great event and you won't want to miss it, and you can register online by clicking here 

Thursday, 3 June 2010


The dates for the League Competitions have been decided and they are



Tuesday, 11 May 2010


The most recent EKCO newsletter from Les mentions the future of the League singles, doubles and triples competitions and we're asking for your feedback.  So please let us have your ideas by adding a comment to the ones we've already had from David Blakeley and Alan Cregeen.

Les wrote in the EKCO
 The committee meeting, held at the start of the season, discussed the lack of support for all three league competitions and what, if anything, could we do about it. The following e mail has just been submitted by Rob Sheridan on that very subject.

“The vexed question of the league competitions is developing into a profound ongoing irritation!
We can be pretty sure that…..
Most of the Broadstairs/ Ramsgate players won’t bother to travel to an event in Herne Bay.
Very few of the Whitstable/ Herne Bay players will travel to an event in Broadstairs (we couldn’t get anyone from East Kent, Whitstable or The Monument to the Whitstable Oyster competition!)
These are the only venues where an event of any size can be held.
Div 2 and D3 players won’t be interested because they feel they have no possibility of winning and run the risk of being badly defeated, and for most of them petanque is a mainly social activity.
The Div 2 doubles at The Vale is a success because it is a good social event.
Ditto the Hoverspeed triples.
So, the numbers will always be limited
I don’t believe that a weekday event will attract any more entries, which leaves the options of…
1.1. Abandoning these competitions altogether. Probably my preferred option.
2.2. Holding them on Sundays as usual this year and then ask the clubs what they want to do in advance of a discussion at the AGM.”

We had a response from David Blakeley (Brown Jug B)
First thoughts on League competitions:

 (1) They should continue to be held
 (2) There is new blood in EKCPL; new people might be interested
 (3) It doesn't matter where competitions are held, most clubs have never had competitors
 (4) It's always been a hard core of clubs that have competed - Brown Jug, Herne Bay, Swalecliffe, Yellabacks
 (5) If each club had to send at least one team to each competition, there would be more competitors
 (6) Some competitions have been badly organized in the past; this has led some players not to bother
 (7) Scheduling issues - dates clashing with other comps
 (8) Lack of ambition from players who think 'they are not good enough';  how often do you have to tell players that to improve you need to play  against and learn from better, more experienced players?
 (9) Manston and Charlotte Court are big enough to hold comps; I don't know how big new venues like Monument, Whitfield are
 (10) Social events are fun, but competitions are meant to be competitive; there's a prize, a trophy, etc.
 (11) There should always be a Plate for those who don't make it to the main; prize money for this should be part of the entrance fee, not an extra
 (12) If possible, the League should guarantee a minimum prize for  winners; a few years of League subsidy may encourage more players to compete for worthy prizes. (This is, of course, if League funds allow.)
 Hope this gives some discussion points.

And this from Alan Cregeen (The Bottles)
Hi Les
I know this doesnt apply to everyone in the leagues but it will to those who generally turn out to petanque competitions.
The main reason i and others have not done any as yet is due to EPA and KPA weekend titles competitions clashing, it may be an option to plan your events around these in the hope that you may get players from the rest of kent at least. Or maybe hold them on a Saturday as most of the Region and EPA events are Sundays, i wouldnt go with weekdays as many people work.
Also publisiting these event on the Petanque Portal and Forum http://www.petanque.co.uk and the EPA website may also get you more entries but at this point you would need a much larger venue.
Just my thoughts

Saturday, 1 May 2010

Sunday, 18 April 2010


The new April 2010 EKCO newsletter from Les is available online at http://ekcpl.co.uk and includes the draw for Round 2 of the Hatton Cup.

Tuesday, 30 March 2010


And surprise, surprise, it's another Brown Jug team, as if we needed another! Anyway, they're the Brown Jug G, the contact is Jenny Skudder (01643 862788) and they'll be playing on Thursday nights.
The instructions from Les are:-
"Will all teams add the new team in D3 fixture list in position 1 where it currently says 'no team'. It follows that in all the slots where it is marked free you must insert team1. You will also note that free weeks are either in red or black to conform with 'home' or 'away'. These designations will apply to the new team.
I do not intend to issue new fixture lists so if you have a problem give me a ring or send an e mail.
The new team will not partake in the cup but will receive an automatic bye into the plate competition."